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About Us

Shanxi JSDY Industry Co.,LTD is a professional concrete pump parts & Sponge rubber cleaning balls manufacturer integrating design, manufacture, inspection and maintenance of them.
SXJSDY sponge balls(which include standard sponge ball, polishing ball, pipe cleaning ball, tube cleaning ball, belt corundum coated ball and full corundum coated ball) are used for Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems, stainless steel tube and titanium tube cleaning, seawater desalination plants, air conditioning plants, etc.

SXJSDY balls SXJSDY sponge balls are sponge rubber balls used to clean the insides of pipes (condenser tubes) in the cooling water system at Power Station.
What are they used? SXJSDY sponge balls are used to maximise the heat transfer efficiency of the water cooling system by removing the build-up of micro-organisms and maintaining an even coating of ferrous chloride in the condenser tubes. Ferrous chloride is used to prevent corrosion of the condenser tubes.
How do they work? Generally sponge balls are slightly larger in size than the inner diameter of the pipe. The balls are injected into the water cooling system and squeezed through the pipes by the pressure of the water,leaving a thin coating of ferrous chloride and dislodging any material on the pipes’ surface. When the sponge balls reach the end of the pipes, they are captured by strainers and recirculated back through the cooling water system.

We can manufacture all kinds of Concrete pump parts(Delivery pipe, Elbow, Rubber hose, Clamp, Coupling, Gasket, Weld-on collar, Piston, Rubber seal, S-pipe, Piston, Concrete Spreader, etc) which are widely used for brand SANY, Zoomlion, Schwing, Putzmeister, CIFA, KYOKUTO, IHI, SERMAC, NIIGATA, etc.
Through years of manufacturing practice and clients' use reflection, our products have reached the leading level among domestic same trade in terms of applicability, safety and reliability.Today, our products have not only sold to domestic construction fields in SANY, Zoomlion and so on, but also exported to USA, INDIA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Turkey,Chile, Argentina, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, South Korea and so on. "Establishing SXJSDY band and promote national industry" is always our unremitting pursue. In process of development, we insist on the business concept "scientific management and quality first". We try our best to satisfy customers by basing on their needs and thinking over for them.