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ring corundum coated ball

SXJSDY sponge balls(which include standard sponge balls, polishing balls, belt corundum coated balls and full corundum coated balls) are used for Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems, stainless steel tube and titanium tube cleaning, seawater desalination plant


SXJSDY Balls are made from first grade natural rubber and blended with various additives giving them superior quality.
Standard Cleaning balls
Standard sponge rubber ball is used when there is no specific problem or necessary requirements. It’s recommended for continuous use in either fresh water or seawater.
Abrasive balls
Abrasive balls are designed to be used in extremely difficult cases only. It must not be used continuously or often. Abrasive balls are coated belt or fully with carborundum for abrading hard deposits in tubes.
SHANXI JSDY’s standard range of balls in diameters from 5-50mm, and we can supply 80mm,100mm,125mm,150mm cleaning ball. Other sizes can be supplied on request.
(How to choose sponge ball)Sponge rubber balls should be slightly oversized to be able to apply enough pressure inside the tube to assure a proper cleaning. Generally the ball sizes should exceeds the inner tube diameter by 1-3mm. We will help you determine the proper size balls to suit your requirements or conditions.
SHANXI JSDY’s sponge rubber balls are available in four hardness:
Medium soft-200kg/m3
4.Ball lifetime
Essential factors of influence of ball life are: tube roughness, degree of fouling of the tubes, as well as type of fouling. That is why the degree of wear of a cleaning ball fluctuates between approx. 4 weeks or longer, depending on tube condition.
5.Ball color
Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, etc
6.Ball tolerance